I’ve seen my publicity appeal

If you have seen yourself on a poster or online appeal with our 116 000 number on it, you have been reported missing to the Police. This section explains why you are on Missing People’s publicity and what to do next.

Have you seen yourself on a missing poster or appeal online?

It might be that your family or friends have posted on social media about you being away from home or put up posters locally. It also might be that you see posts online or posters up for you with police branding or Missing People branding. If you see these you have been reported missing. The Police have asked us to do publicity (or done their own) so that they can find you to check you are safe and well.

Publicity will stay up until the Police have done a Safe and Well check and changed your missing status. If you want them to take down publicity they need to see you and make sure you are alright.

You may be shocked or upset by seeing your publicity – that is understandable, especially if you are already worried or in a difficult situation. The publicity does not mean you are in trouble, just that the Police need to check you are okay. We can talk to you about publicity and help you speak to the Police or anyone who may be worried about you back home.


You may have also had a text message from us – this is called a TextSafe message and has been sent because the Police want you to know we are here to help.

It is important for you to know that although we work with the Police around publicity and TextSafe messaging, our priority is you. If you contact our 116 000 helpline you will be given the same level of confidentiality as any other caller. We won’t tell you what to do but can talk things through and help you work things out.

Removing the online appeal

You might be worried about your missing publicity being available online even after you have been found safely. At Missing People we always close our online appeal and take it off our website, Facebook and twitter as soon as we know someone is no longer missing. Sometimes other sources – such as news websites may still have your name and that you were missing. Have a look at our guide about managing your online presence, including removing your digital footprint.


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