PokerStars' missing deck

Thanks for visiting to find out more about Missing People, our important work and our brilliant partnership with Flutter PLC and PokerStars UK. You might have followed a QR code to get here and be wondering what it’s all about.

Did you know that someone is reported missing every 90 seconds in the UK?

More than half of those who go missing are adults. Often, for reasons that many of us can relate to, such as relationship breakdowns, family worries, or mental health issues. Which why we are here at the end of the phone, 7 days a week, to listen and support anybody who is away from home, or thinking of leaving.

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Missing People has joined forces with PokerStars UK to raise awareness of the issue of missing amongst it’s customers and followers. Together we’ve made a film to highlight trauma experienced during a disappearance for both the missing person, and the family and friends left behind.

And, as part of this fantastic partnership, PokerStars UK have launched a new deck of cards which are ‘missing’ their Kings, Queens and Jacks, and display our helpline number for anyone who needs support.

We never give up hope in helping you find your loved ones again.

Watch the film below.

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We have launched a regular email so that you can be aware of new missing person appeals and share them far and wide! We are also calling on all Heroes to be the eyes and ears for Missing People on the ground. Your sighting of a missing person could make a difference in a crucial time.