National Poetry Day 2022

In honour of National Poetry Day, we wanted to share a poem written by our Creative Writing Group. This group is composed of family members, all of whom have a loved one missing. They produced this poem in collaboration at one of our recent Creative Writing sessions, on the theme of ‘The Environment’.

Planet in Peril

Streams flow to estuaries filled with plastic and junk

Gentle rise and fall of tides

Seagulls scream and fight for their share.

The inhabitants of the sea – all innocence, yet in peril


They call you Jumbo and Ellie

Your rough skin hides thousands of years of wisdom

They are small, but deadly

Your wisdom and size can’t save you from harm


The height, movement and majesty of a tree

Overused out of necessity in the past, appreciated like most things too late

They are our backdrop and shelter for many living things

Be kind, think anew at their marvel


Written by the families of the Creative Writing Group

Val Nettles,  Marlena O’Donnell, Tina O’Donnell

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