Collect donations at a funeral or memorial event

Donate in memory of a loved one

Collecting donations at a funeral is a meaningful way to honour your loved one while helping others at the same time.

176,000 people are reported missing every year and your donation will go a long way in helping us to ensure our free, confidential helpline remains open seven days a week. Collecting donations at a funeral and donating in your loved ones name is the perfect tribute to their memory.

We are always very touched to receive these donations. They will help Missing People make a lasting difference in memory of your loved one.

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If you have any questions about donating in someone’s name or holding a collection, get in touch with our Supporters Team who can help you through every step of this process.

Call 020 8392 4512

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Other ways to create a lasting tribute to your loved one

Another way to remember your missing person, whilst supporting the charity, is to purchase a leaf for the Family Tree.