Partnership working

Examples of Good Practice

Below are examples of effective local partnership working, told to us by professionals during our consultation with them.

Bridgend Youth Justice Service  

Bridgend YOS works with local schools to discuss children who are at high risk of exclusion, many of whom are identified as being at high risk of offending as well. Open discussions look at the needs of the child and their family and what can be done to support them. If the YOS feel they can help, the family are offered support from a voluntary prevention angle. There is a focus on keeping the child in the school. Schools really appreciate support and feeling that they aren’t on their own.  

Ysgol Bodhyfryd, Wrexham

Ysgol Bodhyfryd has a number of care experienced children amongst its cohort, most of whom are in kinship care. Good practice needs to start at the very early stages. A nurturing approach encourages strong attachments between teaching staff and young children. Staff are encouraged to attend trauma-informed courses to improve knowledge and understanding of the issues children may be facing and how to deal with them. Counselling is provided by CAMHS and Elsa trained staff offer support to younger pupils. A school counsellor provides weekly sessions to older pupils. In addition, staff are trained in Lego therapy which has proved very helpful for some of the children with complex needs.  

Ysgol Emmanuel, Rhyl

Ysgol Emmanuel seeks to provide a trauma informed environment with training provided for all teaching staff. The children have access to nurture support groups such as Elsa, Unearthing, Seasons for Growth, and play therapy sessions. Those who need it are assigned a one-to-one trusted adult. A school police support officer provides sessions within school.