Suicide Prevention Week 2023

This week (10th-16th September) is Suicide Prevention Week. To mark the beginning of this important week, as well as today being Suicide Prevention Day, we wanted to share some information on the link between suicide and missing, insight from our Helpline team on what they have observed, and resources that may be able to help.

Statistics on coming to harm whilst missing

As part of our research published in April 2022, in the survey with missing adults, many people disclosed that they had experienced suicide-related harm while missing:

  • Over half of missing adults said that they had ‘thought about taking your life, but did not try to do so’ while missing; 51% (32 of 63)
  • 4 in 10 had ‘made an attempt or attempts to take your own life’ while missing; 41% (26 of 63)

The report also found that the most commonly disclosed type of harm experienced by people who had been missing was related to suicide.

Our Helpline

The staff on our Helpline have recently experienced an increased number of people calling the Helpline with concerns relating to mental health and/or taking their own life.

“Often people who are missing, away from home or thinking of leaving are going through challenges with their mental health. This means we receive messages and calls from people who are suicidal. We can offer them a safe and confidential space to talk about what is going on, and if they want us to we can get them urgent help or connect them with family members or professionals who support them.”

–  Paul Joseph, Head of Helplines and Reconnections

Our Helpline is open 7 days a week, from 9am – 11pm. Call or text 116000 or email for free, confidential support from our Helpline team.


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