WHY we need your support

170,000 people are reported missing across the UK every year.

That’s someone’s child, parent or partner. With your support, you can help us find help, hope and a safe way for them to reconnect.

That’s why we’re asking you to support us by clocking up #Miles4Missing.

Whether it’s walking, trekking, running, cycling, or swimming, let’s clock these miles.

Together, we can raise £17,000 to find more missing people and provide hope to families living in limbo due to a disappearance.

You can get involved straight away.

Check out some of our current supporters, here.

WHEN can I take part

The campaign is open throughout 2024

You can take part at any time that suits you.

WHO can participate

The campaign is open to everyone, whatever your age, gender or ability.

Take part as an individual, with your partner, or as wider group of friends or colleagues.

Having that extra support along the way can help with both training and fundraising.

WHERE does this take place

We have places in events all over the UK and Overseas, take a look below at some of the options.

There is availability in some of the biggest challenge events across the country, but if you don’t fancy the travel there are also lots of local events too.

HOW you can get involved

  • Step one
    • What’s your discipline – running, cycling or swimming, or maybe a mixture of all of these
    • Maybe a local walk with friends or a mountain trek with colleagues
    • Set yourself a target and make a start
    • There are lots of ideas below
    • Can’t find what you’re looking for, then clock up the miles ‘your way’
  • Step two
    • Use this link here for JustGiving, and this will allow you to join up with our overall campaign and other fundraisers
    • Feel free to use Facebook or any other platform to get started
    • Set your fundraising target
  • Step three
    • Start training, get yourself in shape for race day
    • Link up your fundraising page with Strava here
    • Start promoting your #Miles4Missing challenge and fundraising page with your friends, family, colleagues and across social

WHAT can you do

Choose your event, follow the link, and register your interest. We’ll be in touch soon after to finalise your decision and support your fundraising efforts.

UK running events

Overseas running events

Local events

Challenge walks