Reconnecting or returning home

If you’re away or have been reported as missing, and you are thinking about how to reconnect or return home, we can help. Whether you just need to talk things through, or you’d like us to pass a message home or connect you on a 3-way call. We know it isn’t always easy to get back in touch, and it isn’t always an option for everybody. We won’t force you to return home or reconnect with your family. But if you feel you’re ready to do this, we can support you though the processes.

Send a message home

We can pass a message back to a family member on your behalf. We can also pass a message to someone you live with, or to a professional who is responsible for you. To do this, we need to know:

  • your name;
  • your date of birth;
  • and the name of the family member/person and their contact number.

We don’t need to know your location. The message will be in your words (we’ll note down what you want us to say), and cannot include anything that would be upsetting or offensive to the person who is receiving it. We can only pass messages onto people who are over 18. We’ll ask you to call us back to check the message has been passed – we can’t call you to confirm this. When we pass the message we’ll ask the person if they have a message back for you. If you collect this message from us and want us to pass another message on, we can. After a few messages, you might feel more ready for direct contact, like a 3-way call, explained below.

Making a 3-way call

You may want to speak to someone, but need some support in doing this. Our 3-way call service allows you to talk to them whilst we stay on the call. We’ll be there to support you and help you talk about what is going on.

How the 3-way call works:

  • We will talk to you about what’s going on, and who you want to speak to.
  • We’ll check what you want us to say when we make the call.
  • We’ll put you on hold while we call the other person.
  • If we get through to them, we’ll explain that you would like to speak to them, and then bring you into the call.
  • During the call, we’ll be listening and will able to speak at any time. So, you can check things with us, or ask for our help if you are struggling to explain something.
  • We can’t leave the call without disconnecting you and the other person. So if you are ready to talk privately, we can agree for them to call you directly.

The staff and volunteers on our helpline are there to talk to you anytime about what is going on, and  to reconnect you with people who are missing you.

Read more about checking your missing status, or what the police might be doing to search for you. 

Talk to us

Our helpline team are here for free and in confidence. We can talk through these options with you, and if you feel ready, help you to take the first steps.

Talk to us

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