How the police search

The police are responsible for looking for any person who can't be found and when they are considered to be at risk.

Police and missing investigations

We have worked with police to bring together some of the advice that may be useful to understand how missing investigations work.

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Helpful Guides

Find out how the police would coordinate a search if you were to be reported as missing.

Find out what to do if you think someone you know is missing, and follow the steps to report them missing.

Discover what might happen to a police investigation when someone remains missing for a long time.

Read more about the process that police will go through when they find a missing person.

Read more about the interviews and checks that the police are obliged to carry out with a missing person once they are found.

When the body of a missing person is sadly found, the police will have to follow a different process. Read more about that process.

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