Missing for weeks

If someone doesn't come home after a few days, your experience whilst they are away can change. Follow our guidance on further steps you might want to take at this stage.

If someone you know has been missing for weeks

You will likely be experiencing a range of powerful emotions. At this stage, you might want to think about practical areas of your person’s life that need to be taken care of. It’s important to look after yourself, whilst keeping the search for your missing person going.

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Steps you can take

People tell us that it is hard to think about anything else or to be able to get on with life while someone is missing, especially when the hours turn to days and then weeks. The most important thing to focus on is getting though each day and each task that you have to do. There are a few steps here which might be helpful to read about.

Phone the police

If they haven’t been reported missing to the police, consider doing this if you think they might be at risk or you are concerned about their welfare.

Keep on top of the search

If the police are looking for them, make sure you know who your point of contact is, and what is happening in the search. Keep a note of these things.

Think about publicity

Police may already been publicising your person using posters or online appeals. You might want to do some things yourself or ask us to help.

Look after yourself

It’s important to continue to take care of yourself. Basic things like sleeping and eating well can make a big difference to how you feel each day.

Talk about it

You may now feel the need to talk about the situation with extended family, colleagues. Be careful when supporting others with their shock and emotions.

Manage their affairs

If you’re next of kin, you might feel you want to take care of some of the practical areas of their life such as work, money, vehicles or property

Helpful Guides

Find out what the police are doing when a person remains missing after a few weeks.

Read more about how you can look after your person’s affairs, such as housing, finances, and dependants.

Understand how you can keep your person’s appeal in the public eye so that they are not forgotten.

Read our guidance on making contact and doing interviews with journalists and reporters.

Read our tips on how to explain what has happened to your community and networks.

Read more about how to help and care for people with a loved one goes missing.

Other helpful stuff

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