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Every child deserves to get home safe. Donate your last hour of pay to help protect them.

Your last hour of pay could make a big difference. When a child is abducted or missing, they are in danger. The quicker they are found, the less likely they will be exploited.

If you’re able to donate your pay today, you can help provide vital services that reach out to thousands of children and young people, like George*…

George's* story

  • George called Missing People because he had run away, and didn't know where to go. He was 16...

    His home life was scary, and he didn’t feel safe. With no safe place, he felt lost. Alone.

    Alice*, one of our Helpline team, listened. She said that it can be difficult to process so many emotions at once, as well as open up about the things you are struggling with.

    She reminded George how important his safety is. How important he is.

    Alice might not have been able to change what was going on at home for George, but in those moments, George was given an uninterrupted space to talk, and to share his feelings. He was given options, to keep himself safe.

    George was directed to a hostel that would keep him safe. Alice also let him know that he could call our Helpline any time, if he needed to talk through his options. George said he was glad to know there were people out there for him who could help, and could offer advice when he needed it. George said he was grateful that he wouldn’t have to sleep on the street.

    *Names changed to protect individuals’ privacy.

Donate your pay

When you donate, your salary information won’t be stored. But your donation will have a lasting impact on the people that Missing People support, like George*.

Want to donate more? No problem! You can double the amount or donate a full day!

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