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We want to support every person and family affected by missing. You can help us achieve this.

A person goes missing every 90 seconds in the UK, that means by the time you have finished reading this page there will be heartbreak for another family.

By taking part, your fundraising effort will mean something for every single one of these people.

Take on our 90K Challenge!

By committing to raise £90 – you could help us reunite a family.

£90 will launch a publicity campaign to find a missing person and provide hope to families affected.

Sign up as an individual or why not tackle the 90k challenge as a team, either with family, friends or colleagues.

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Help people like Mary*

Take part in our 90K challenge and help support people in crisis.
  • Mary's Story

    “I had almost given up hope of ever seeing my brother again. It had been 19 long years of him missing from our family. The emotional stress was tremendous. Not knowing whether he was dead or alive was indescribable.

    Richard and I grew up as part of a large family; one of five children with only six years between us all. Richard is a twin and yet he and I had always had a special bond. But he had a lot of poor health and spent periods of time in hospital.

    There were family disagreements as normal and periods where we didn’t see as much of him, but he would always ring us, and things would go back to normal. Until one day it didn’t.

    It was in 2000 when I last spoke to Richard. There was a minor difference of opinion and he just disappeared.

    Time went by and when dad passed away it was devastating for us all, particularly for mum, she just wanted her family together again.

    One day I came across Missing People’s Lost Contact Service. I didn’t hold out much hope, but I had nothing left to lose. We sat down as a family and, although excited, we all felt it was unlikely he was still alive due to his health issues. A hope of closure was all we really had as we filled in the application.

    We knew it wasn’t going to be a quick process, but it was just a relief to be doing something. And then in early July, seven months since I had first approached the Lost Contact service, I received the email telling me they had found Richard. He was alive and well.

    Not long after that I received an email from Richard himself. I felt like I had won the lottery. I emailed him back and asked him to call me. Less than half an hour later I heard my brother’s voice for the first time in nearly two decades. Since that day my family has spoken to Richard almost every day; we have a lot to catch up on! Our mum is 81 now and describes this as her dream come true. We have our happy ending after 19 years apart thanks to Missing People. We have vowed to never lose touch again.”

How can I get involved?

To support missing people and their families left behind, take on our 90K Challenge. Complete 90K in March by either running, jogging or walking. This is open to all ages and abilities.

It’s important to recognise you are looking after your own health and mental wellbeing, whilst also raising money to support those affected by missing.

Either get involved as an individual or take on the 90k challenge as a team, either with family, friends or colleagues.

Once you’re signed up remember to nominate a friend, family member or colleague to also get involved.

90K Challenge

Here’s how you can get involved and it’s completely FREE!


    Decide on how you will complete 90K in March. You could:

    • Run
    • Jog
    • Walk

    Or you could do a combination of the 3 – the choice is yours!


    Sign-up is completely FREE!

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    Or you could set up your JustGiving page to track your fundraising target.



    Set a minimum target of £90. This amount will create a publicity appeal for a missing person.

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    Once you’ve reached the minimum £90 fundraising target, we’ll send out your 909090 medal in the post.

Finished your challenge?

On completion of your challenge and reaching the minimum £90 fundraising target, share this with our Facebook or JustGiving Community pages.

You will then receive your 90K Challenge certificate on email and your FREE medal in the post.


If you have a question and it wasn’t answered on this page, check our 90K Challenge frequently asked questions below!

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