Fundraising Ideas

Support all those affected by missing

So you want to do something amazing to feel amazing about helping us?

Check out our list of fundraising ideas below or think of an activity yourself so you can get started! By fundraising for us, you will ensure that we can continue our vital support services.

Don’t forget to tell us about your fundraising plans so we can help in any way, and please do share your pictures and videos with us too.

Fundraising ideas

Get inspiration on how you can raise vital funds without even leaving your house.

  • Skills

    Online tutorials

    Share your skills with your peers. Could you arrange a baking session, promote your culinary techniques, teach a language, or reveal your knitting and sewing talents. Invite people into your homes virtually, encourage a small donation, and set up your JustGiving page to keep track of your efforts.

  • Games


    Play a brand new 3rd party lottery GetLuckyLocal

    Join this and support causes in the local community of Richmond, with a £25,000 jackpot to be won every week!

    Find out more here.


    Play a digital version of an old favourite ‘Spot The Ball’ competition.

    Our 3rd party provider gives you a chance to win a £25,000 jackpot!

    Find out more here.

    Games Night In

    Who doesn’t love a board game, although do you dare try monopoly with the family?! This could also be a quiz night or evening of charades. Lots of online games available through your Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

    Send out your invitations, charge a fee, and let battle commence.


    Get your free bingo cards here and encourage as many sign-ups as you can, put a small charge in place for each ticket and then get everyone onto Zoom.

    Get practising those bingo calls…. ‘Two little ducks 22’ ‘Top of the shop, 90’

  • Music / Dance

    Karaoke Night

    Are you more Spice Girls or Rolling Stone, either way, is there a more fun evening to be had with family and friends. Either set this up virtual or in your house depending on restrictions. Design your invitations, and suggest people donate the equivalent cost of a karaoke-night ticket to support Missing People.

    Dance Party

    Prefer the dance floor to the stage, encourage your peers to join you for a danceathon. Set yourself a target, encourage people to sponsor your efforts, and see how long you can keep it up.


    Are you the next Elton John on the piano or Miles Davis on the trumpet, either way, you could host an open mic-night online. Send out paying tickets to people to watch you perform, all in support of Missing People.

  • Shop

    Sell Your Clutter

    Aiming to create a zen-like space, require more room for a new family member, or simply need a clear out – why not sell some of your clutter and make a kind donation to Missing People when you do.

    Get rid of clothes –

    Sell books, DVD’s, CDs and games –

    Business For Good

    Are you a small business or online retailer, make a real impact and use your business for good. Learn more about Work For Good, set this up and then choose Missing People as your cause.


    A brilliant and simple idea… donate pennies as you spend. You can find out more and sign-up here. Make Missing People your chosen cause to support.

    Raise Funds As You Shop

    Whether you’re a shopaholic, buying presents, or just want to make a difference each time you spend, find out more here.

  • Food and Drink

    Bake Sales

    Who doesn’t love cakes?! This is always a winning approach in fundraising and a fun way to involve the kids too. Will it be a classic Victoria Sponge or many peoples favourite – Carrot Cake. Be sure to share your pics with us.

    Ready, Steady, Cook

    Take a look in the fridge and make something from what’s in there in a set time. Friends pay to either take part or watch.

    Dinner Party

    Come Dine With Me style, visit each other’s houses once restrictions are lifted, or compete online and scoring is done based on presentation.

  • Active

    Most in a Minute Competition

    Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups or star jumps, whatever it might be, challenge your friends and set an individual or group fundraising target to reach.

    Try and get your efforts to go viral across social media.


    Could you be the next Captain Tom? Set yourself a target for the month, climb the stairs equivalent to Ben Nev, run back-to-back marathons, get sponsored for doing #milesformissing, whatever your approach let us know so we can provide you with support and encouragement every step of the way


    Join the team for one of our many ‘new’ challenge events and utilise some of the ideas on this page to help you reach any of your fundraising targets.

  • Social

    Birthday Fundraiser

    Make a real difference on your birthday, set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and encourage donations. From the comfort of your sofa, know that you’ve made a really positive decision to support others affected my missing

    Movie Night

    Create a Netflix Party night-in, share the film viewing with family or friends and encourage donating the cost of a cinema ticket

    Book Club

    People pay to join, bring along your current choice of literature, and have a catch up over tea and biscuits, whilst making a positive impact towards your chosen cause. What’s not to love?

    Virtual Murder Mystery

    Select your companions for the evening and send out the paid-invitations. Use an online site like Red Herring and let the mystery commence

  • Make a difference

    Donate Your Travel

    Donate the money you normally spend on your journey to work, maybe for a whole month or even just a single trip. A simple idea, open to everyone, and a really easy way to support us. Make your donation here.

    Virtual Collections

    With certain restrictions on travel and social distancing, set up your own online collection from home through JustGiving.

    Social Media Influences

    Are you or do you know of anybody who might be a social media influencer, who could support our cause, create awareness, and possibly a shout out on fundraising?

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