Thinking of leaving

We're here to help you understand what's happening right now, and what you can do.

Wanting to leave

There can be lots of reasons you want to go missing or run away. Your situation is unique to you and we know there can be many things that are making you want to leave home. We know that for many people being at home doesn’t feel safe or they don’t feel they can stay there. We want you to have the information and support you need to make a safe decision and get the right help for you.

We’re here to support you, for free and in confidence. Call or text 116 000.

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Steps you can take

Leaving home may feel like the only option but there may be some other things you can try before that happens.

Put your safety first

Don’t stay somewhere if it isn’t safe. If you need to leave, make sure you go somewhere safe and you feel in control. This might be somewhere you can stay for short time while you work out what to do next. If you need help right now, call 999.

Put yourself first

You are likely feel a range of very strong emotions. That could include guilt, or worry for other people. Try not to blame yourself, and give yourself some space to work out what’s best for you.

Talk to someone

It could be a friend, colleague, family member, or professional. You may feel uncomfortable or worry that they are busy – but think about how they would respond if they knew what you were going through. If you have no-one you think will listen, talk to us.

Think about why you are leaving

You probably have lots going on and feel like you can’t cope. Or, maybe it’s one single issue that is so big it’s affecting everything else. If there is one thing standing out, try to address it. It may not fix everything, but could help you to feel like you’re on top of things.

Think about what you need

What would help you now? In an ideal world, what would change? It could be just for the short term, or a step towards something else. You may not have the answer but taking a bit of time to think about what you want may give you different thoughts or ideas. We’re always here if you need a sounding board.

Remember, it's not too late

Things can get so bad that you feel like your only option is to leave or do something dangerous, like putting yourself at risk, hurting yourself, or taking your own life. You are reading this at a critical point, so it is important to know you are not alone and that help is available for you.

Helpful Guides

We have a range of guides to help you understand what's happening, be safe, and decide what to do.

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If you do choose to leave, read our advice on how to look after yourself while you’re away.

Find a list of support services, helplines and people you can speak to locally who might be able to help you.