New guidance for missing adults and their families in Wales funded by Welsh Government

Missing People, with the support of the Welsh Government’s Voluntary Services Recovery Fund, have launched new guidance for missing adults and their families in Wales.

Why is the guidance needed?

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing pressure on many adults across Wales and that this may lead to them thinking of going missing. There are many different reasons why somebody may be thinking about going missing and it is important that adults across Wales know that there is support available to them. This guidance provides support and advice for anybody thinking of leaving home and any family members who may be impacted by a loved one leaving home.

How do I access the guidance?

The guidance is available in both English and Welsh below.

Guidance for adults:

Adults at Risk of Missing (English)

Adults at Risk of Missing (Welsh)

Guidance for families:

Family Guidance (English)

Family Guidance (Welsh)

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