Support for families affected by exploitation

About exploitation

If you are worried that your child, or a child in your care, is being criminally or sexually exploited, we can support you in a number of ways.

Child criminal exploitation (CCE) and child sexual exploitation (CSE) are difficult things to talk about, particularly if you feel your own child might be experiencing it, or at risk.

We’re here to support you, for free and in confidence. Call or text 116 000

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We know that it can be hard to find or ask for the right help, and we understand that talking to the police is not easy. We can offer support in a variety of ways if you think your child is being exploited. For a callback from a member of our team, text 07984447198.

We can talk to you 121 about your situation and offer you ongoing support with one of our dedicated SafeCall workers.

Find out about a free, nationwide support group for families and carers who know how it feels to be worried about a child who is being exploited.

Join our private, dedicated forum for family members whose loved ones are caught up in a gang. Members can remain anonymous.

Learn more about our counselling service for families who are coping with someone being missing.


Read our online guidance and resources to better understand the situation you and your child may be in.

Read more about county lines, and understand how to spot the signs that your child could be being exploited by a gang.

There are things that you can do if you are worried about a young person who is missing and may be being exploited.

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