Missing again

Some people will go missing or run away more than once, which can be worrying and frustrating. We're here to help.

Going missing more than once

Going missing is often a sign that something is wrong. The experience of someone you love going missing is hard, and even harder if they go missing again and again. It can cause a huge range of emotions, such as worry and dread, particularly if you know what the person may be doing while they are away.

Some people will feel exhausted and fed-up with having to spend more time talking to the police and looking for them. Others will feel cross that services aren’t helping keep their loved one safe and in the right place. It is important that you talk to someone and look after yourself during this incidents of missing and that you know if there are services that might be able to help you.

We’re here to support you, for free and in confidence. Call or text 116 000.

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Steps you can take

Worrying about someone going missing again is difficult, but there are some things you can do.

Talk to them, if you can

It might feel hard to talk to your loved one when they come home, but could help you to understand how they feel and what they’re going throug.

Ask for help

Reach out for support. If they are going missing because of a particular issue, there may be professional services that you could use.

Reduce the risk of harm

There may be things you can to do to prepare if you think they may go missing again; read our guides below.

Keep a record

Make a note of dates and times, so that you have a record to give to professional, and to help you remember key information for when you need it.

Keep reporting them missing

It may feel frustrating, but the police should be told every time they go missing, if you think they are at risk and you don’t know where they are.

Work out if the person is safe at home

Sometimes, home isn’t the safest place to be. If this is the case, contact social services, ask for the social care team and explain your concerns to them. This can be done for both children and adults.

Helpful Guides

Read more about police processes, and what you should do if you need to report someone to the police again.

Find out how to create a scent kit for someone living with dementia, learning difficulties or mental health problems in, case they go missing and would be considered high-risk.

Hear about support available for families whose child is going missing and is involved with a gang.

Discover whether you could use our tracing service to reconnect with family members you have lost contact with over the years.

Read more about some of the reasons why people may go missing in the first place.

Find out what you can do if you are concerned about your loved one because you think they might leave again.

Find out what happens at a Safe and Well check, and what the police do with this information.

No matter how many times someone goes missing, it can be very worrying. Read our guidance on how to look after yourself.

Other helpful stuff

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